Advertising in Magazine

Magazine ads are the ads that people see placed throughout publications. Magazine Ads continues to be an effective form of communicating both brand and product-specific messages to targeted audiences. Magazine advertisements major benefit to businesses is its ability to display higher quality images than either direct mail or newspaper. Even if you are a small business, you can advertise in the most widely read and distributed national magazines. National magazines often have regional versions of their magazines or sections. Magazines are typically kept for a longer period of time than newspapers because of their higher printing quality.

Magazines are typically kept around for a long period of time. One single magazine left in a doctor’s office, for instance, can generate repeat exposure for a brand. Also, an ad placed today will reach people months from now, which can’t be said for all media channels. Magazines allow for highly targeted advertising so your budget is used to only reach the people who are interested in your offer.

Business & Finance Magazines

Baggage Claim Area

This is one of the areas in the airport that sees the most traffic throughout the day. While travelers are waiting for their luggage, they can be learning more about your brand. Available packages feature such airport advertising mediums as suspended fabric banners and framed banners. Around 40 million passenger footfalls from Indian’s Airport and it is also the main hub for Air India. Numerous airlines with multiple regular and low costs offer flights across the globe including direct and connecting flights. Keeping in mind all these aspects, the New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport makes the best use of the time spent by the passengers there in terms of advertising.

Fashion & Style Magazines

Overhead Banners

Fashion & Style Magazines advertising is a popular advertising tool which is cost effective yet provides a high impact and reach. The print media is one of the oldest advertising options available to advertisers. Magazines help to reach out to niches and present the brands in a well defined manner. Fashion & Style Magazines offer you an opportunity to target specific audiences who have demonstrated an interest in a particular topic. Advertising in the local, regional section of national magazines makes a lot of sense for business owners who have multiple locations within their state, because you can pretty much advertise All of your stores using just one ad.

Health & Fitness Magazines

Business Network & Club Lounges

Advertising in Advertising in Health & Fitness Magazines is the latest trend being followed by top notch advertisers. This simply enhances your reach to a specific and desired audience which in turn increases your brand value. Reaching out to the right audience ensures maximum responses and hence a huge hike in sales and profits for you. At present the best and most famous genre among magazines are Health and Fitness magazines. Due to the increasing trend of health consciousness among Indians as a result of our monotonous daily life routine, static position at workplaces and haphazard eating habits, people are increasingly inclined towards magazines which can provide healthy living tips in busy schedules.

News & Politics Magazines

Overhead Banners

We provide advertising in News & Politics Magazines to help you reach a specific target market. Advertising in News & Politics Magazines help achieve the maximum leverage by targeting all sorts of consumers. You not only get noticed by privileged customers but in fact this kind of advertising works wonders when you venture in any business for the first time. Magazine advertising is also a huge advantage as people will get to know your brand’s name, which in turn, will affect positively to increase the sale of the product. We make sure to advertise the product with utmost care to help you in achieving the desired goal and reaching out to your target group.

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